• A training session on data collection for a sports biomecanics collaboration research project

  • Delegates at the International Symposium on “Partnership in Sports and Development for Tomorrow” -March 2020

  • Department of Physical and Health Education Staff Members

  • Empowerment and confidence building through regular workshops

  • Extra training to boost career development

  • International Research Symposium participants -June 2019

  • Learning Sports with Fun

  • Partnering with International Institutions to enhance training and research

  • Research Training Workshop Participants -June 2019

Candidates must satisfy the minimum entry requirement for Kenyatta University and the School of Education of an aggregate of C Plus (C+) in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent.

(2) Candidates with a Diploma in Education with Physical Education as a teaching subject from a recognised and accredited institution may be considered.
(3) In addition to either one of the above, a candidate must have done biology or biological sciences with a grade of C+ and above at the level of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent from a recognized institution.

Requirements for Award of a Degree
A student shall have successfully completed a minimum of 51 units and teaching practice to be awarded a degree.

HPE 101: Hockey, Netball, Soccer (Practical)
HPE 103: Basketball, Handball, Volleyball (Practical)
HPE 108: Foundations of Physical Education
HPE 109: Human Anatomy and Physical Activity

HPE 203: Athletics II, Rounders and Swimming II (Practical)
HPE 208: Sports Pedagogy and Management (Practical)
HPE 209: Functional Human Physiology (Revised title)
HPE 210: Athletics I, Rugby and Swimming I (Practical)

HPE 300: Outdoor Education and First Aid (Practical)
HPE 301: Aerobics, Dance and Gymnastics (Practical)
HPE 310: Badminton, Squash and Tennis (Practical)
HPE 311: Motor Development and Learning

HCU 300: Introduction to Research Methods
HCU 301: Introductory Statistics
HES 304: Nutrition and Sport Performance
HPE 312: Physical Activity and Health
HPE 313: Sports Equipment and Facilities
HPE 314: Legal Issues in Physical Education and Sports
HPE 315: Comparative Physical Education and Sports

HPE 401: Skill Specialisation I (Two sports from two different categories) (Practical)
HPE 402: Exercise Physiology
HPE 403: Skill Specialisation II (Two sports from two categories different from HPE 401) (Practical)
HPE 410: Physical Fitness and Principles of Training (Revised title)

HPE 409: Prevention and Management of Sports Injuries
HPE 413: Tests and Measurements in Physical Activity
HPE 411: Adapted Physical Activity and Sports
HPE 412: Curriculum Development in Physical Education
HPE 414: Biomechanics
HPE 415: Olympics Movement Education (Revised title)

Dr. Francis Mundia Mwangi


Department of Physical Education, Exercise and Sports Science


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