• Department of Physical and Health Education Staff Members

  • Department of Physical and Health Education Staff Members

Candidates must satisfy the minimum entry requirement for Kenyatta University and the School of Education of an aggregate of C Plus (C+) in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent.

(2) Candidates with a Diploma in Education with Physical Education as a teaching subject from a recognised and accredited institution may be considered.
(3) In addition to either one of the above, a candidate must have done biology or biological sciences with a grade of C+ and above at the level of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent from a recognized institution.

Requirements for Award of a Degree
A student shall have successfully completed a minimum of 51 units and teaching practice to be awarded a degree.

HPE 101: Hockey, Netball, Soccer (Practical)
HPE 103: Basketball, Handball, Volleyball (Practical)
HPE 108: Foundations of Physical Education
HPE 109: Human Anatomy and Physical Activity

HPE 203: Athletics II, Rounders and Swimming II (Practical)
HPE 208: Sports Pedagogy and Management (Practical)
HPE 209: Functional Human Physiology (Revised title)
HPE 210: Athletics I, Rugby and Swimming I (Practical)

HPE 300: Outdoor Education and First Aid (Practical)
HPE 301: Aerobics, Dance and Gymnastics (Practical)
HPE 310: Badminton, Squash and Tennis (Practical)
HPE 311: Motor Development and Learning

HCU 300: Introduction to Research Methods
HCU 301: Introductory Statistics
HES 304: Nutrition and Sport Performance
HPE 312: Physical Activity and Health
HPE 313: Sports Equipment and Facilities
HPE 314: Legal Issues in Physical Education and Sports
HPE 315: Comparative Physical Education and Sports

HPE 401: Skill Specialisation I (Two sports from two different categories) (Practical)
HPE 402: Exercise Physiology
HPE 403: Skill Specialisation II (Two sports from two categories different from HPE 401) (Practical)
HPE 410: Physical Fitness and Principles of Training (Revised title)

HPE 409: Prevention and Management of Sports Injuries
HPE 413: Tests and Measurements in Physical Activity
HPE 411: Adapted Physical Activity and Sports
HPE 412: Curriculum Development in Physical Education
HPE 414: Biomechanics
HPE 415: Olympics Movement Education (Revised title)

News and Events

35th and 36th Graduation Ceremonies

The School has also realized an increase in the number of graduands of Master of Science candidates. During the 35th and 36th graduation ceremonies, a total of 13 candidates graduated.

35th Graduation Ceremony

The School of Applied Human Sciences graduated three (3) PhD candidates during the 35th Graduation Ceremony held on 20th December, 2013, and another four (4) during the 36th Graduation Ceremony.

Dr. Francis Mundia Mwangi


Department of Physical Education, Exercise and Sports Science


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