Qualification: PhD( Disability Sports)
Department: Physical and Health Education
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 Nairobi 0100

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Dr. Jane Wairimu Mwangi, Lecturer and  Ph.D ( Disability Sports)  in the department of Recreation Management and Exercise Science at Kenyatta University , Kenya.  Trained volunteer in Special Olympics and assistant program organizer Camp Shriver Kenyatta University. Has participated in a number of research projects initiated by Special Olympics: Health Promotions and Fitness Testing for parents and their children with intellectual disability. Currently a university partner in the expansion of Young Athletes program in Africa, Kenya. 
Enjoy training sports skills to athletes in the Special Olympic programs. Recently introduced swimming to the athletes and its’ amazing. Have successfully emphasized family involvement and the parents at Camp Shriver are beneficiaries of Income Generating Activities that improves the welfare of the family and a health athlete. 
Other interests include parenting, maintaining and making new friends and adventure.

    Mwangi.J, Bukhala.P,Andanje. M. (2017) Psychosocial benefits of parental involvement in physical Activities for their children with disability.In B.Gaudin&B.Wolde (Eds).Kenyan and Ethiopian runners: Towards an alternative approach.IRD, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Favazza, P.C., Wairimu, J., Masila, S., Ghio, K.G. &Siperstein, G.N. (2014). Motor Skills of Kenyan Children with Disabilities: Gains Associated with Participation in the Young Athletes Program. In Childhood Education.Association of Childhood Education International. Massachusetts, Boston
  • Paddy C. Favazza , Aura Bota , Reinaldo J. EspinozaMwangi J. Wairimu (2014)Developing Children with Disabilities and Families in the Developing World: The Young Athletes Experience. In The Association for Early Childhood International, Vancouver, Canada

Conference Prsentations, Publications and Research

  • 21st – 23rd Sep 2016 Attended conference on PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND SPORTS FOR HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA at Kenyatta University: Presented a paper on ‘Physical benefits to Children with Disabilities in organized physical activity programme’
  • Date29th June-1st July 2015 : Attended conference on The 1st East African Athletics & Social Sciences Conference in Addis Ababa: presented a paper on ‘Psycho-Social Benefits to Parents Involvement in Organized Physical Activities for Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Nairobi County, Kenya’
  • 16th-21st Oct. 2013, Presented a paper on Volunteering in Disability Sports; A case of Kenyatta University during the East African Pre – Games Symposium, at Kenyatta University
  • May 28th 2013, The Role of Physical Activity and Sports in Nation Building presented to National   Intelligence Security Service trainees.
  • March 27th 2013, Exercise Considerations for Person with Disabilities to the Parliament  health Club Instructors  at Kenyatta University Conference Centre
  • Feb 2013, Empowering Parents of Children with Disabilities at the Scholars  Delegation Meeting in Pyong-chang , South Korea, Conducted a successful Research on an Evaluation of Young Athletes Expansion Program as a University Partner with the university of Massachusset, Boston
  • May  2012, Facilitated a topic on ‘Publication Relations to the Health Services Providers’  at Kenyatta University
  • Presented concept paper on ‘Evaluation of Parental Involvement in Acquisition of Sports Skills of their Young Children with Disabilities’ at the IPC Disability Workshop , Kenyatta University
    Facilitated ‘Benefits of Empowering Parents of Children with Disability through Sports at the Special Olympics National Parents Conference’ at   YMCA , Nairobi
  • March 2012, Facilitated on ‘Role of  Exercise in Stress Management presented to Peer Counselors at the Christ the Teacher Church Kenyatta University
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