Entry Requirements

i. The common regulations for all Doctoral Degrees in the University shall apply.
ii. A holder of a Master degree in Exercise and Sport Science of Kenyatta University or any other recognized institution shall be considered. Holders of Master degree in Physical Education, Recreation and Sport Management as well as those in related fields such as medicine, nutrition and nursing, shall also be considered.

Duration and Pattern of Study
The doctoral degree shall extend to a minimum period of 3 years. The degree shall be offered by Thesis only. During the first year of study, students will be expected to write concept papers and present them to the Department after which supervisors shall be allocated. The student in the first year shall also be expected to develop a full proposal and defend it at the Department. Once the proposal has been approved by graduate school, the student shall proceed for field research, compile a thesis and defend it successfully within two years for the award of the Doctoral Degree.

Unit Code and Title
HES 900: PhD Thesis

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