Welcome to School of Applied Human Sciences

The School of Applied Human Sciences (SAHS) has continued to grow as it trains graduates in areas related to quality of life. The areas include Community Resource Management; Fashion Design; Foods & Nutrition; Physical and Health Education; Recreation Management and Sports Science, from Diploma to PhD level. Departments within the School continue to review existing programmes  and curriculum and develop new ones in line with new developments arising from the demands of the job market.

As a result, one new programme has been developed: Postgraduate Diploma in Foods Nutrition & Dietetics and is already operational. The school has seen an increase in the student enrolment from approximately 300 at inception in 2008 to approximately 2000 students currently.

In performance contracting 2011/2012, the School was ranked the 2nd best and had the best two Departments in the University .The School is also proud to be associated with 8 members of staff who were highly ranked as Deans, Chairmen of Departments and Directors. In view of this, we wish to congratulate all the members of staff for their continued  hard work. We look forward to an even better rank in the next evaluation.

The School has continued to hold seminars where research results and information by staff and students are disseminated. Some are actively engaged in various forums including, the Nile Basin Programme Team at theUniversity of Bergen, Norway; Special Olympic Strategic Plan Steering Committee Participation and Staff exchange programme, students' exchange with the University of Manitoba(Canada), University of Oklahoma and to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute (CHEO-RI). 

The School has active links with universities and institutions through its Departments: University of Manitoba (Canada);University of Volda (Norway); Muscle Research Centre, Copenhagen (Denmark); Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute (CHEO-RI) (Canada); Portland State University-Oregon (USA); University of Cape Town (South Africa); Kyambogo University (Uganda); and University of Karlsruhe (Germany).

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