Title/Qualifications: PhD
Department/Unit/Section: Recreation Management & Exercise Science [RMES]
Contact Address: P O Box 43844 00100
Position: Associate Professor
Area of Specialization: Exercise and Sports Science – Sport Psychology, Biomechanics, Sport Management & Marketing, Leisure/Recreation/Tourism, Physiology Instrumentation, Research Methods

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Research Interests: Sport Injuries, Fitness level (sports person/active participants & sedentary/office workers), Job satisfaction and Stress Management/Work Burnout, Leisure/Recreation/Tourism/Parks towards a healthy lifestyle, Sport & Minority legal interest

Conference Presentations

  • Prof Kalui, Benjamin    Curriculum for Sport Academies, Johannesburg, South Africa, June 2012
  • Kalui B et al, Sports injuries of division 1 and university students, Kampala, Uganda, September 2011
  • Kalui et al    BMI of Sport Science students compared to none sports students by gender, Kampala Uganda, September 2011

Affiliation to Professional Bodies

  • World Leisure Organisation
  • North America Society for Sports Management

Supervision of postgraduate students
Sarah Wambui Kamau [H87/15160/2008], Food Service Delivery systems Innovations and Competitive Advantage in the Classified Restaurants in Nairobi Kenya, [PhD] Proposal stage

Administrative positions held to date

  • Principal of High School,
  • Head of Department in University,
  • Acting Dean In University.
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