Our department offers a distinct and versatile program of study in Community Resource Management and Extension. We are committed to being the Department of choice, providing you with world-class training and research opportunities that are market driven. This we will do by equipping you with a thorough understanding of community dynamics, which are applicable to enhancement of the quality of life at the community level and beyond. CRM&E focuses on the delivery of social services to the basic units of the society. Emphasis is on the improvement of the welfare of people through community based outreach programmes. By choosing our program you will be sure of attaining a marketable degree that will enable you to compete effectively in employment and job creation as well as engaging professionally in community practice related jobs. 

Dr. Lucy Kathuri-Ogola Chairperson

The Community Resource Management program offers a great scope of careers in private and development sector, industries and NGOs. On graduating from this program there are ready opportunities for you in the areas of health, project management, community intervention programs, water and sanitation and education and extension among others. You are also equipped with entrepreneurial skills to create employment for yourself and

Location and population

The department of Community Resource Management and Extension (CRM&E) is housed in the school of Applied Human Sciences. The department which was established in 2006 has grown over the years and is currently a home to over 400 students.

Focus and programmes
The department of Community Resource Management focuses on the delivery of social services to the basic units of the society. Emphasis is on the improvement of the welfare of people through community based outreach programmes. The need to train community outreach practitioners with a thorough understanding of community dynamics is critical so as to enhance the quality of life at the community level and improve career opportunities for the graduates.

The department currently offers the following programmes:

Worth noting is that, the existing programmes and curriculum are currently under review to focus on the developments in communities, meet the demands of the job market and to meet the needs of our students.

Mode of Study

The programmes in the department are currently been offered through Fulltime (Regular) and School based modes of Study.

The department has fully qualified staff. The department currently has one Full professor, one Senior Lecturer, five Lecturers and three Tutorial Fellows. The competent department staff has remained committed to ensuring that the department produces the best qualified graduates.

Linkages and Community Extension
The department has been involved in various like with Universities like Nevada state University and Portland State. The department has an active linkage  with the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI)  , Oklahoma State University (OSU) and other local organizations.

The department also houses a Childcare Unit with serves the Kenyatta University fraternity and its environs. It caters for children aged between 3 to 6 years.

Why Chose the department of Community Resource Management ?
The programmes offered in the department address the academic and professional needs of individuals who are interested in children, youth, and family welfare programmes, and community extension related work. The high quality instruction, research and community outreach programmes provided  will also enable graduates to become competent, versatile, entrepreneurial, diverse, and market oriented in community resource management and related professions.
Students in the department take units from other disciplines that add value to their training in community resource management. These include: Public Health, Sociology and Gender Studies. The students are normally attached to organizations working with communities all over the country for a mandatory practicum course of 8 weeks to expose them to practical experience. In addition the students also have field trips to various places in the country to learn and apply the knowledge learnt in class. The feedback we have received from practicum organizations as well as the employers of our graduates is remarkable-they are impressed with their exceptional performance. The programme is intended to encourage entrepreneurship so that its graduates can contribute to the development of the economy through creation of employment for instance through setting up of NGOs.

What the student/graduates say…..

“"The BSC. Community Resource Management programme presented me with a unique platform to nature my passion for socio-economic development, explore my ideas, and equipped me with the aggregate knowledge essential to a career as a competent development professional. Flexibility and diversity are what make this programme Unparalleled.  While I attained a high level of specialization in my fields of choice, the unique course options also allowed me to explore other diverse subjects such as public health and sociology that expanded my knowledgebase, opened new opportunities and added value to my career."

Belinda Muya,

BSc. CRM graduate – Year 2011.
Projects and Research Assistant,
Career Development Centre (CDC),
Schulich School Business, York University

Potential employers

The department provides a greater scope in careers that are suitable for its graduates. It is evident that qualified manpower is also needed in private and development sectors including industries and NGOs. Employment can be in the areas of:-

  • Local and international Non-Governmental organizations
  • Programme/Project management
  • Education
  • Women empowerment programmes
  • Community extension programmes
  • Government ministries e.g. Ministry of gender, Public Health, Special Programmes
  • Water and sanitation programmes
  • Health
  • Resource mobilization and Management
  • Community intervention programmes
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