HCR 307: Youth and Development Programmes

Leadership styles and application. Basic qualities of a leader, leadership for change and dynamics of change in a social and cultural context. Skills to address barriers to change: negotiation, visibility and networking. Management change in organizations.

HCR 308: Household Resource Management

Economic value of resources available to individuals, household and communities coping mechanisms of families and households in the community context. National and international economic issues affecting livelihoods of households.

HCR 309: Housing and Development

Housing policies and national development. Housing needs of families and households. Socio-economic and cultural factors affecting level of housing. Common types of housing units in the community. Housing deigns, evaluation of plans and application. Financial and legal considerations. Furnishing and equipping a residential house. Planning and management of common amenities in a house. Environmental hygiene and sanitation. Household equipment.

HCR 310: Children in Need of Special Protection

Examination of the rights of the child as stipulated in the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child, the African Charter on the rights and welfare of the child and the Children’s Act, 2001 CAP 586 of the laws of Kenya. Parental and community responsibility for the child. Duties and responsibilities of the child. Children in need of special protection such as orphan, street children, abused children, child labourers and child soldiers. National and international programmes for CNSP.

HCR 311: Community Health Issues

Analysis of contemporary individual, family and community health challenges. Physical, mental and social aspects of health. Principles of health promotion and conservation, disease prevention. Management of community-based health delivery systems.

HCR 313: Gender and Development

Gender roles stereotypes and issues of gender, development and empowerment. Factors and policies that influence gender integration in development, women’s rights and women issues, team building, leadership roles and community development services. Role of diverse stakeholders in gender and development.

HCR 400: Programme Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

Introduction to the theory, methods and techniques used in the design, monitoring and evaluation of community based programmes aimed at improving the quality of life of children, women, and households. The project cycle: needs assessment, design, implementation and management. Monitoring and Evaluation. Report writing.

HCR 401: Community Nutrition and Food Security

Basic concepts in community nutrition and food security. Determination of nutritional status. Assessment of nutritional status using anthropometry, dietary, clinical and social demographic indices. Common nutritional problems and their management.

HCR 402: Poverty, Wealth Creation and Development

Concept and causes of poverty, analysis of poverty in Kenya alleviation strategies, government policies and challenges of implementation at the national level. Local communities strategies for poverty alleviation, theories and practices of wealth creation, impact of poverty levels on national development.

HCR 403: Project Planning and Management

History and development of project management, project cycle, scope management ant work structure, project planning and management techniques, project proposals, feasibility studies, fund-raising strategies. Case studies, analysis and report writing.

HCR 404: Participatory Approaches

The role of participatory approaches in community development. Qualitative research techniques, interviewing, observation, focus group discussions and contend analysis methods in qualitative analysis, data presentation and report writing.

HCR 405: Community Intervention Programmes

Community needs assessment, intervention programme planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of intervention programmes. Social impact assessment of community intervention programmes. Dependency and sustainability of community interventions.

HCR 406: Community Capacity Building

Assessment of the human resource needs in a given community. Strategic human resource planning and management. Human resource training and development, community capacity building and development.

HCR 407: Project in Community Resource Management

Directed study and empirical research on community-based project under the supervision of an instructor, approved research project proposal will precede the field project work. Written project paper and oral presentation required for evaluation.

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