Department of Community Resource Management

Bachelor of Science in Community Resource Management -Bsc (CRM)

HCR 100: Community Resource Management

basic concepts and principles of community resource management. Overview of various traditional communities. Rural and urban communities. Integrated social-cultural dimensions of community development. Community resilience and challenges. Principles of community resource management. Types and nature of community resources available for use:

HCR 101: Human Development Across the Lifespan

An Overview of human growth and development throughout the life span. Theories of development; meaning and concept of human growth and development. Pregnancy, heredity and environmental influences on prenatal development. The birth process and is implications. Periods of development.

HCR 102: Trends in Community Development

Globalization and community development. Millennium development goals. Social dimension of development. Role of Governmental, private and non-governmental agencies in family and community development. Sustainable community development.

HCR 200: Community Development Planning

Identification and analysis of needs of the community and resources to satisfy them. Planning strategies for resources development. Development of social and human resources. Enhancing productivity of resources. Planning, use and control of various resources. Management of projects. Quality and risk management.

HCR 201: Youth and Development Programmes

Role of the youth in national development. Youth leadership, innovation and social entrepreneurship. Youth and community-based development. Rural and urban youth. Role of youth as community change agents. Pathology in young adulthood. Programmes serving youth and young adults.

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